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What is Alphabiotics?


In essence, Alphabiotics is a way to restore balance to the body. “What is causing the body to be out of balance?” you may ask. The body constantly strives to be in balance. However, when there is more outside stress than inside resistance over a prolonged period of time eventually the body has to sacrifice balance in order to deal with the stress. Most people have an idea what they consider to be stress, but not everybody's definition of stress is going to be the same. To read my definition of stress click here.


Once the body has been overwhelmed by stress it can't maintain physical balance anymore. The cause of the body getting out of alignment is that the brain lateralizes into a dominant hemisphere. In your first visit I can easily assess which one of your brain hemispheres is dominant and whether your body is in this stressed mode called “fight or flight.” The consequences of this state are not only that your brain lateralizes and your body loses its symmetry and balance but also that your body is now focused on the perceived external threat. This outside focus greatly limits the body's own healing capacity. Your body is reacting to the outside stress as if it was a life-and-death battle and it will conserve energy by shutting down non-essential functions like digestion or the immune system. Due to this constant alertness and the inability to access the parasympathetic healing state the body will eventually break down. Typically, the adrenals get exhausted because they have been working constantly without any chance to recover.



If the body gets stuck in the fight or flight state over long periods of time the misdirection of energy causes the internal repair and regeneration processes to be suppressed, making it inevitable that certain symptoms of “disease” eventually appear. The range of symptoms can encompass just about everything from mental/emotional symptoms like anxiety or depression to physical problems ranging all the way from migraine headaches, backaches, and fibromyalgia to  digestive problems, frequent colds, or insomnia.



Before receiving the Alphabiotic process I will show the member how their brain is controlling their physiology and how strong and weak muscles can be immediately switched by temporarily shifting the dominant brain hemisphere. Alphabiotics enables the body to stop moving down the path of disease and instead to return towards health and homeostasis. By putting the body back into a balanced mode the body can start a healing process that can make disease symptoms unnecessary. Alphabiotics is a hands-on method that provides a high-level sensory input into the brain that immediately eliminates the brain's lateralization caused by stress, and the brain is allowed to return to a state of whole-brain function.


Members who receive the Alphabiotic process can expect to feel a significant strengthening of the weaker extremities. They will also notice less tension in muscles that were previously tight, specifically in the neck and shoulders. Many participants feel a sense of inner peace as well as increased mental clarity. Alphabiotics removes the stress-caused interference and thus enables the body to restore health.

 “Our body is a machine for living. It is organized for that, it is its nature. Let life go on in it unhindered and let it defend itself, it will do more than if you paralyze it by encumbering it with remedies.” Leo Tolstoy

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