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 Frequently Asked Questions About Alphabiotics

















Q: Is Alphabiotics Safe?


A: Alphabiotics has been performed millions of times without any adverse effects. It is a safe and effective process. There is virtually no information on the internet to which you can't find discrediting information. In particular, this is true for any so called alternative modality that enables people to get better outside of the traditional medical system. This is part of the freedom of speech that allows people to voice their opinion in any way they please. I would urge anybody to always check the potential motives behind certain comments and/or websites and to make up your own mind.



Q: Is Alphabiotics a Church?


A: No, Alphabiotics is not a church. It does not ask anybody to think a certain way nor does it matter what religion, if any, a member is affiliated with. In the past Alphabioticists have tried practicing under the protection of a religious organization. The only purpose of that was to be exempt from government and regulatory interference. Nowadays, Alphabioticists practice under a Private Medical Member Association.



Q: Is Alphabiotics a form of Chiropractic?


A: No, Alphabiotics is not any form of chiropractics. As a matter of fact no bone gets moved or adjusted by an Alphabioticist which is the monopoly of chiropractors or osteopaths.

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