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The Alphabiotic process doesn't really fit into the traditional medical model. Over the years the regulatory agencies have established more and more rules in the medical field to the point where just about everybody needs a license from the government in order to work in the health care field. While there are some good reasons for licensing there also is a significant downside to it. Once you have a license you have to abide by the “rules.” For example, if a medical doctor advised you that based on your high cholesterol level you might want to try a supplement like red rice yeast to lower your cholesterol or, heaven forbid, change you diet dramatically, he would be in violation of his licensing rules. The licensing rules oblige the doctor to follow the standard of care which in case of high cholesterol would be to prescribe statin drugs. That is true even if the doctor knows that statin drugs have negative and potentially serious side effects while there are none with red rice yeast. A doctor who doesn't abide by those rules will get his license revoked.


In order to protect the principles of Alphabiotics the best way to practice it legally is by putting it into a private entity called a Private Medical Member Association (PMMA). The purpose of the PMMA is to provide the best care for the member free of any undue influence from regulatory agencies. Regulatory agencies can only regulate the public domain. The PMMA operates in the private domain and is thus free of interference from the government or other agencies and its rules including HIPAA requirements. Another consequence of being in the PMMA is that there is no insurance accepted as this is part of the public domain.

"Doctors pour drugs of which they know little, to cure disease of which they know less, into patients of whom they know nothing." Moliere

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