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Stress and Alphabiotics



"Alphabiotics is a powerful tool for maximizing the healing capability of the body. It changes the outward focus of the stress response to an internal focus on regeneration and healing. This creates a feeling of well-being and also allows the body to heal any so called disease."

















There are two different types of stress.


The first one is called simple stress. It is characterized by high intensity and short duration. If, for example, you are in the woods and suddenly face a tiger or a bear your body would instantly shift into a fight or flight response. This is biologically programmed into humans (and many animals as well) as a way to protect the species. In the fight or flight mode the person reacts almost on auto-pilot. The critical thinking ability is diminished as the neo-cortex area of the brain recedes and decisions are taken by the reptilian brain.  Another example of simple stress is, if you are driving a car and suddenly a deer crosses the road. If you had to think it through with your conscious mind whether you should be braking or not you would have long hit the deer before ever putting your foot on the brake. The reptilian brain allows the body to react much faster. The fight-or-flight response causes the body to focus outward on the threat. In the example of the bear or tiger the body will perceive the situation as life threatening even before the conscious mind/neo cortex has analyzed what is going on. As part of the survival instinct the body will place all its available energy to battle with this external threat. Blood flow to the extremities increases and muscles get tightened in anticipation of a physical fight or the evasion of a fight. At the same time other bodily functions that are not necessary for the immediate survival don't need energy at the moment. Your digestive system and your immune system are shut down. Once you are out of harm's way the simple stress is over and the body will direct the energy back to the life sustaining processes like digestion and keeping up the immune system.


Simple stress is relatively short and it typically lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes, usually less than an hour. There also is typically a long time in between those stressful incidents so that the body has enough time to get back into a balanced state before the next stressful event happens. However, in today's environment, we have so called complex stress. Complex stress is low level stress of long duration. For the most part it is active 24/7 and it is caused by many different factors. It is basically anything that impacts the body in a negative way starting with poor diet and lack of nutrition over lack of exercise or quality sleep, chemical toxins and electromagnetic interference all the way to your negative mental and emotional state. Consider how much human life has changed over the last 100 or 200 years and compare that to the human DNA which has remained identical during that time. About 100 years ago there was hardly any electricity, no traffic, no sitting all day staring at computer screens or TVs, no processed food, and no cell phones or WiFi. As a species we have not yet adapted to the new stressors of the modern world and that is why stress levels have been growing exponentially. It is estimated that in today's society the stress level for a person in one year is equal to about 10 years in their parent's generation and more than over the whole lifetime of the grandparent's generation.


It is my belief that the increased stress level is mostly responsible for the constant increase in rates of disease as well as the appearance of new diseases. There are many ways of trying to control stress levels. Things like exercise, yoga, meditation as well as a whole food diet are universally recognized as being beneficial for health. However, for many people this alone will not be enough or will not provide them with results fast enough.




 “Inhale deeply into your belly and try to focus on your breathing. You'll emerge calmer, and maybe even more productive” Dr. Oz


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